Owner of Amaura London.

Hello! I’m Sejal...

...the proud owner of Amaura London, an eco-luxury home fragrance range of candles and diffusers. I’m a wife, a daughter and mother of two amazing boys. My passions are dancing, gin and wellness.

My background  is in retail marketing, where I worked for over 13 years.  When my mum suffered a life changing stroke, I decided to take a break from working to support my parents and be a mother to my young children. My mum's illness changed my outlook on life, and as someone who suffers from anxiety, I knew that I needed to make some changes and focus on understanding self-care and wellness for myself and my family.

Now the children are older, and life is more balanced I felt I was ready to restart my career and I wanted to be a strong female and role model to my boys. However, I wanted to maintain a work-life balance rather than go back to the corporate world.

My interest in aromatherapy began to help me manage my anxiety. I started creating my own blends of essential oils for myself and my family. Everyone loved the scents and how they felt when using them.

I have a super sensitive sense of smell so I love burning candles around my home as they help me to relax and I adore how they make my home smell so good.  So that's when I had the light bulb moment....I should make my own candles. I signed up to online candle making & aromatherapy courses online during lockdown.

It was then that I decided I wanted to create a truly luxurious home fragrance range that not only looked stunning and smelt amazing, but also made with ethically sourced ingredients and essential oils that really helped my family's wellbeing.

I made it my mission to create a range that was as natural and as eco-friendly as possible, that fills a space with a positive ambience and enhanced people's mood and wellbeing.

Creating Amaura has been so amazing, I have loved creating my own products from concept to reality. For every element I've searched for the most sustainable option, down to the scent cards made from recycled t-shirts. I am so proud of the whole range and I hope they fill your life and home with positive vibes.

With love & gratitude from my home to yours,

Sejal xx 


I’m proud to announce Amaura London’s chosen charity of the year is the The Stroke Association. 

We will be donating and raising awareness throughout the year to help the The Stroke Association support stroke survivors to rebuild their lives.

The pandemic has hit stroke research hard and they they need your help to save it. To learn more & donate to the Stroke Association via my Just Giving please click here.