Recycling & Upcycling  

Made from recycled materials & 100% recyclable, our unique vessels are designed with purpose, so they can be reused and they last for life.

There are so many ways to re-purpose or upcycle your Amaura London vessel as a container for house plants, flowers, stationary or make up accessories.

The best thing about our vessels compared to glass, or ceramic vessels is that they are extremely environmentally friendly because these metals can be infinitely recycled which takes up less energy than is needed to produce them.

How to clean and get your vessel ready to upcycle

  • Wipe your vessel with a microfibre cloth – no harsh chemicals are required as this may damage your vessal
  • Remove the remaining wax by placing the vessel in the freezer to harden and scrape wax out.
  • Or you can safely discard the remaining wax on your final burn and then immediately wipe the inside of the vessel with a cloth and warm water to remove any residual liquid.
  • Important – DO NOT throw wax down the sink or drainpipe. Always dispose into a waste bin.

Repurposing & Upcycling Ideas

Here are just a few ways you can upcycle your vessel…Share the ways you have repurposed yours on our social media pages.

Plant Pot or Mini Vase

Perfect for succulents, or a small bunch of flowers


Beauty accessories 

Add some luxury into your dress table. Perfect to hold makeup brushes or tubes & sticks such as mascara or concealer.

Toiletries storage

Perfect to hold, cotton make up pads or cotton buds or even to glam up your toothbrush holder.