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During the cold autumn and winter months, candles and cosy vibes are all the rage. But as the daffodils start to bloom and we enter spring and summer, it is the perfect time to accessorise your home with reed diffusers. Not only are reed diffusers a flame-free home fragrance product, but they are also long-lasting, with our 200ml reed diffusers lasting up to 8 months! In addition to being long-lasting, our eco-luxury reed diffusers are also hand-blended in the UK with a sustainable alcohol and glycol free base.

Reed diffusers are a low-maintenance option and you can enjoy the fresh scent of your reed diffuser and mood-boosting benefits all day every day. Whilst reed diffusers require little upkeep, there are a few things you can do to help the mood-boosting diffuser scent to fill your home this summer.

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Where to Place your Reed Diffuser in your Home?

Where you place your reed diffuser in your home can affect how well the mood-boosting diffuser scent fills your home. 

3 Top Tips for Placing your Reed Diffuser in your Home

  1. Do not place your reed diffuser on a window or next to a radiator. In these places, the direct sunlight and/ or heat will make your diffuser oil evaporate much faster, which will mean that your reed diffuser does not fill your home with mood-boosting fragrances for as long.  
  2. Consider the room where you would like to place your reed diffuser. For large rooms, you may need to use a larger, 200ml reed diffuser or two smaller 100ml diffusers (with the same scent), in order to fill the room with the mood-boosting scent. If the room is smaller, try using a reed or two less in your reed diffuser. 
  3. Plan your reed diffuser placement within the room. Place your reed diffuser at nose height, or slightly below, so that you can enjoy the mood-boosting diffuser scent as it is released into the room. It is also beneficial to place your reed diffuser in an area that you frequently pass as the movement in the air will help the scent to fill the room and throw the fragrance. 

TOP TIP - Turn the reeds once per week, to help refresh the scent and help the mood-boosting scent to fill your room.

Finding the Perfect Reed Diffuser Scent for your Room 

Reed diffuser and aromatherapy essential oils


There is an Amaura London reed diffuser scent for every room, 3 of my favourite spring and summer scents include:

  • Tranquillity: with an uplifting and decadent aroma that will help lift your spirits, the Tranquillity reed diffuser is best for your hallway, living room, home office, or bedroom.
  • Allure: the Allure range is infused with patchouli, ylang ylang and magnolia blossom to create a calm mood and sense of wellbeing, making the Allure reed diffuser perfect for your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Clarity: invite a feeling of positivity and energy into your day with the Clarity range. With soothing notes of eucalyptus and geranium blended with the energising aroma of black pepper essential oils, the Clarity reed diffuser is best for your hallway, office, kitchen or living room.

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Choosing the Best Reed Diffuser for your Home 

Not all reed diffusers are created equal! When choosing the best reed diffuser for your home, there are a few things to consider, including what the reeds are made of. Bamboo and wooden reeds are very hard and dense. The lack of pores in bamboo and wood makes it hard for the diffuser oil to be pulled to the top of the reed and throw the scent into the room. Fibre reeds on the other hand are very porous. If you squeeze our Amaura London cotton blended reeds, you can see the oil travel up which is how you know the reeds are good quality and are throwing the scent into the room.

In addition to our high-quality fibre reeds, our eco-friendly, non-toxic diffusers are hand-blended in the UK using a sustainable alcohol and glycol free base. This base is non-toxic and has a low carbon footprint and we have also worked hard to ensure our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible - find out more about our commitment to eco-luxury here.

Reed Diffusers to fill your Home with Mood-Boosting Benefits 

Amaura London reed diffusers are infused with a blend of therapeutic essential oils, to fill your home with a positive ambience that will enhance your mood and wellbeing. If you look after your reed diffuser, your diffuser can last up to 8 months and you can benefit from the mood-boosting essential oils all spring and summer long. 

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TOP TIP - Once your reed diffuser is finished you can purchase a reed diffuser refill with fresh reeds from us and instead of throwing old reeds away put them in your car, pantry, drawer or wardrobe as a subtle scent enhancer (be careful of oils leaving marks). 

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March 24, 2022 — Sejal Assi

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