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From tea lights to votive candles and everything in between, candles are something most of us will have around our house. Candles are thought to have originated from Ancient Egypt, over 5,000 years ago and were traditionally used as a source of light and as part of celebrations. Candles continue to hold an important role in daily life today, being used as decor items around our homes, as part of celebrations, or for their scent and aromatherapy benefits.

Reasons to Light a Candle in 2022 Include:

  • Aromatherapy Benefits
  • Decor
  • Ambience 
  • Celebration
  • The power of scent

Due to their popularity, both men and women consider candles to be a highly-appreciated gift for any occasion. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to treat your lovely Mum than with a luxurious candle gift. 

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#1 Reason to Light a Candle in 2022 - Aromatherapy Benefits 

Before I delve into the wonderful world of aromatherapy, it is important to mention here that not all candles are created equally. For example, when paraffin scented candles are burned, they give off tiny particles that can get into your bloodstream and have been associated with health problems including asthma and cardiovascular disease. Rather than being beneficial for your health, these candles can actually be harmful. Our eco-luxury candles are created using a natural blend of sustainably sourced coconut and rapeseed wax and are free from chemicals or nasties. 

Candles that are infused with a blend of therapeutic essential oils, like our Amaura London candles, as well as being highly aromatic, will also offer therapeutic aromatherapy benefits. Your candle can have the ability to enhance your wellbeing and these aromatherapy benefits are my number one reason to light a candle in 2022. Depending on the blend of essential oils, your candle can have a range of aromatherapy benefits from boosting your mood to easing stress and helping you to sleep. For example, our Calming Candle infused with sandalwood, amber & lavender essential oils combine to create a rich sensual fragrance that is perfect to relax and unwind after the stresses of the day. Whereas our Allure scent has sweet floral notes of ylang-ylang and magnolia blossom and is calming and brings a sense of wellbeing.

For more information about the aromatherapy benefits of our candles, take a look at our recent blog post.

#2 Reason to Light a Candle in 2022 - Decor 

Rose gold candle decor

As well as offering aromatherapy benefits, candles can also be a beautiful decorative addition to any room or tablescape. If you have an empty space in your home, perhaps on a shelf or mantlepiece that you aren’t sure what to do with, a candle is the perfect decor item to fill the gap and bring a little something extra into the room. 

Our luxury candles are available in a choice of brass, copper or brushed stainless steel and are designed to be a stylish addition to every room or colour scheme. Our candles themselves make a stunning decor item, but our vessels have also been designed with sustainability in mind so that you can upcycle your empty vessel once you have finished burning your candle. By upcycling your empty vessel into a plant pot, vase or storage container, you can enjoy your candle vessel as a decor item long after your candle has finished burning!

For more upcycling inspiration, take a look at these 16 ways to upcycle your empty candle vessel.

#3 Reason to Light a Candle in 2022 - Ambience 

The third reason to light a candle in 2022 is for the ambience that only a flickering candle flame can create. There is a reason why a candlelit dinner is considered romantic, because of the sensual and romantic ambience that the candles create. 

Candles don’t just create a romantic ambience, lighting candles around your home can create a cosy and warming ambience, particularly on a cold winter's night. Lighting candles around your home can also create a relaxing ambience and because of their calming effect, candles are frequently incorporated into meditation rituals. For me, I will always light a candle to help me relax before practising yoga or starting a meditation

#4 Reason to Light a Candle in 2022 - Celebration 

Diwali celebration candles

The ability of candles to create such a powerful ambience makes candles a popular choice for illuminating celebrations across the globe. For example the festival of light, Diwali, celebrates the victory of good over evil and light over darkness and as such homes and public places are filled with candles and diyas (small oil lamps). For many families, advent candles are an important part of Christmas celebrations, with one being lit every Sunday during advent. (Add info about lightning scented candles during entertaining) 

As well as lighting candles forming an important part of religious and cultural celebrations, candles are also a popular gift option, given to loved ones during celebrations. Due to the many benefits of candles, a luxurious candle makes a lovely gift for a loved one and our Mother’s Day Gift Sets are the perfect way to thank your mum for all of her help and support. 

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#5 Reason to Light a Candle in 2022 - The power of scent to transform a room

The scent of a candle is one of the most important factors impacting candle purchases and fragrance is therefore my final reason to light a candle in 2022. In addition to the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oil blends within our Amaura London candles, the essential oils are also highly aromatic. 

Scent can evoke powerful memories and can also transform how you feel in a room or link back to a memory. Different scents can be best suited to different rooms in your house. Our Allure patchouli, ylang ylang and magnolia blossom candles are best for your bedroom or bathroom because the sweet and floral scent creates a rich and warm ambience. Whereas our Tranquillity frankincense, patchouli and warm amber candle is best for your hallway, living room or home office because the relaxing blend of frankincense, patchouli and warm amber is layered with a twist of lemon that will help to elevate your spirits. To help you to make the most of your candle fragrance, for each of our candles on our website I provide a recommendation for where they are best for in your home.

The Benefits of Lighting a Candle in 2022

From boosting your mood to helping you relax, creating a romantic ambience or evoking memories, candles can enhance your life by influencing how you feel. With so many benefits of lighting a candle, it is no wonder that candles are such a popular gift option to treat your loved ones. Shop our luxurious, sustainable and non-toxic range of mood-boosting candle gifts to treat your lovely mum this Mother’s Day. 

February 16, 2022 — Sejal Assi

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