Autumn is a season of change - the summer sunshine begins to fade, the nights draw in and leaves begin to fall. The reduced daylight hours mean that many of us can find Autumn challenging and experience a lower mood and lack of energy. But the longer nights also bring cosiness and Autumn is all about embracing this cosy atmosphere in your home, being kind to yourself and practising self-care. Luxury scented Candles are the key to creating a cosy ambience in your home this Autumn, so light your eco-luxury candle and snuggle up to enjoy the season.

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The cosy Autumnal ambience that only candles can create

Lighting an Autumnal candle

The flickering flame of a candle can create a cosy ambience like no other. When you think of lighting a candle, you might think about the romantic and sensual atmosphere that candles can create at a candlelit dinner. But candles don’t just create a romantic ambience, lighting candles around your home can create a snug, cosy ambience, particularly on a cold and dark Autumn evening. Lighting candles can also create a relaxing Autumnal ambience, perfect to snuggle up under a blanket with a book after a long day.

The aromatherapy benefits of lighting a candle this Autumn

The flickering flame of a candle can create a cosy and warm ambience and this relaxing atmosphere can be further enhanced by burning a candle that is infused with essential oil blends. Not all candles are scented using natural essential oil blends with added aromatherapy benefits, so you will only experience these added benefits if you are lighting an eco-luxury candle infused with essential oil blends.

Candles that are infused with a blend of therapeutic essential oils, like our Amaura London candles will also offer therapeutic aromatherapy benefits to help boost your mood. These aromatherapy benefits can help you to beat the Autumn blues by enhancing your well-being, so that you can embrace the cosy Autumn season. 

An autumnal candle burning

Our eco-luxury candles have a range of aromatherapy benefits, from boosting your mood and helping you focus to reducing anxiety and helping you to sleep. Each one of our ranges has a unique aromatherapy essential oil blend. For example, create a serene ambience with our calming range of candles or reed diffusers blended with sandalwood, amber and lavender essential oils. Whereas frankincense, patchouli, warm amber essential oils are combined in our Tranquillity range to recreate a spa-like relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Using scent to create a cosy ambience in your home this Autumn

The scent of your home can affect how people feel when they enter the space and the right scent can go a long way in creating a cosy ambience for Autumn. As well as bringing aromatherapy benefits, the essential oil blends within our eco-luxury candles are highly aromatic and can bring the scent of Autumn into your home. 

Scent can evoke powerful memories, moods and feelings - we have all inhaled a scent that has transported us back to a childhood memory or family holiday. Different scents can also help you to create a different atmosphere in your home. Citrus and floral scents can create a light, fresh atmosphere and are best suited to the spring and summer months. Whereas earthy, woody and musky scents will help you to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home, perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Rose gold Autumn candle

Top 4 Scents to Create a Cosy Atmosphere in your Home this Autumn 

    1. Ignite | Oud & Geranium. The Ignite range has a woody and musky scent which balances the rich and smoky character of oud with geranium and the floral tones of geranium, to create an aroma that will create an evocative, luxurious Autumnal atmosphere.
    2. Tranquillity | Frankincense, Patchouli & Warm Amber. The earthy Tranquillity range combines relaxing blends of frankincense, patchouli, and warm amber to bring tranquillity, warmth, and cosiness to your Autumn evenings .
    3. Gratitude | Rock Rose & Sandalwood. Another earthy fragrance, the Gratitude range brings together warm notes of rock rose, Indian sandalwood, and cedarwood to create feelings of mental clarity and harmony.
    4. Calming | Sandalwood, Amber & Lavender. A sensual fragrance that fills your senses, providing the perfect ambience for you to relax and unwind after the stresses of the day. So, sit back, unwind and give in to relaxation.
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Creating a cosy ambience in your home this Autumn with candles

Candles are the secret to creating a cosy ambience in your home this Autumn. Not only can the flickering flame create a cosy atmosphere, but the aromatherapy benefits and earthy scent of your candle can further enhance the atmosphere, to create a space where you can’t help but feel cosy and relaxed.

Light your candle, grab a cuppa or glass of red and your favourite novel and snuggle up to enjoy the cosy ambience in your home this Autumn. 

September 28, 2022 — Sejal Assi
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