I am a firm believer that candles are the answer to absolutely everything - bad day? Light a candle. Good day? Light a candle. Cold winter's evening? Light a candle. Bright summer night? Light a candle. With the mood boosting properties of the essential oils included within luxury candles, there really is a candle for every occasion! But, lots of candles means lots of empty candle vessels. With climate change and protecting our planet a priority for many of us, simply disposing of these empty vessels just isn’t an option, instead try these clever ways to upcycle your empty candle vessel. 

In this guide to upcycling your candle vessel, you will learn about: 

  • The Environmental Impact of Candles and why you should be Upcycling
  • How to Clean your Candle Vessel before Upcycling
  • 16 Clever ways to Upcycle your Empty Candle Vessel

The Environmental Impact of Candles and why you should be Upcycling

candle vessel upcycled into vase

Every year, households in the UK are responsible for generating a shocking 26 million tonnes of waste. Of this waste, just 45% gets recycled. When broken down, this means that every year we discard seven times our own body weight in waste! It is therefore more important than ever that we not only recycle but also limit what we are purchasing and reuse what we already have, and upcycling is a great way to do this. 

In 2019 the Clean Air Strategy of the UK Government stated that due to the normally excessive and single-use qualities of candle packaging, candles are largely unsustainable products. In addition to this, paraffin wax contributes to indoor pollution and breathing in these particles can be bad for both your health and the environment. 

Transform your Amaura London Eco-Luxury Candle by Upcycling your Empty Vessel

At Amaura London, we are passionate about creating a range of candles that look stylish in your home but are also consciously curated and friendly towards the environment. We have worked hard to ensure you should be able to either biodegrade or recycle our packaging and much of our packaging is also made from recycled materials. Our eco luxury candles are poured with 100% natural coconut and rapeseed wax meaning that you can enjoy the uplifting scent of your candles without breathing in harmful particles. 

As a new company, we are at the start of our sustainability journey but we are committed to doing everything we can to protect the planet through small sustainable steps. We are continually working away behind the scenes to make our candles as sustainable as possible, but once they arrive at your door, it is over to you. With British households producing a shocking amount of waste, we can all do our bit to reduce this and reuse where possible. Upcycling involves repurposing something you own into something new, so that you are able to use the original item for longer. Our recycled metallic candle vessels include a lid and are air tight, meaning the upcycling options for your vessel are endless. Continue reading for my top tips and ideas for upcycling your beautiful metallic candle vessel, so that you can continue enjoying your stylish vessel, even after you have finished burning your candle.

How to Clean your Candle Vessel before Upcycling

After you have enjoyed the uplifting scent and mood boosting aromatherapy benefits of your candle, you can clean your candle vessel before upcycling by following these steps…

candle vessel upcycled into cutlery holder

Firstly, wipe your candle vessel with a microfibre cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals as these may damage your candle vessel and you want to preserve the condition of your vessel for upcycling. To remove the remaining wax, place your candle vessel in the freezer. Once the wax has frozen, scrape out the wax. I recommend using a rubber spatula to avoid scratching the sides of your candle vessel. 

Alternatively, you can safely discard the remaining wax during your final burn, whilst the wax is in liquid form (remember the wax will be hot so be careful). Immediately after discarding the wax, wipe the inside of your vessel with a cloth and warm water to remove any remaining liquid. Do not wash wax down the sink (this will block your sink), instead dispose of wax into a waste bin.

16 Clever ways to Upcycle your Empty Candle Vessel

After you have cleaned your candle vessel, you are ready to upcycle your beautiful metallic vessel to give it a new lease of life. Here are my suggestions to give you some inspiration for how you can repurpose your candle vessel:

Upcycling your Empty Candle Vessel - Using as Storage

  1. Repurpose into a pen pot to store your stationery
  2. Turn your empty candle vessel into a stylish toothbrush holder
  3. Keep dried herbs such as sage, lavender or trendy pampas inside your candle vessel
  4. Keep sanitary products inside your vessel for discreet storage for your bathroom
  5. Use your candle vessel as a pot to keep spare change
  6. Store cupcake cases in your candle vessel (try silicone cupcake cases which can be washed and reused over and over again)
  7. Store tea, coffee or spices within your airtight empty candle vessel

Upcycling your Empty Candle Vessel for your Dressing Table

  1. Using your candle vessel to store earrings or bracelets
  2. Use your candle vessel to store cosmetic products such as lipstick, nail varnish or reusable makeup remover pads or bamboo cotton buds
  3. Store hair bobbles inside your candle vessel
  4. Use your candle vessel as a makeup brush holder

Upcycling your Empty Candle Vessel as a Decor Item

  1. Fill your vessel with water, add flowers and use as a vase
  2. Plant a succulent inside your vessel and use as a plant pot
  3. Tie your candle vessel with ribbon and use as a gift box

Giving your Upcycled Empty Candle Vessel as a Gift

  1. Fill your vessel with sweets and give as a gift (or don’t)
  2. Collect a set of candle vessels and reuse as decorative piece of Objet D'art 

Upcycling your Candle Vessel

candle vessel upcycled into stationary pot

With each of us generating seven times our body weight in waste every year, we all need to take small steps to use less and reuse more, to do our bit to protect the planet. At Amaura London, we are doing everything we can to make sure our candles and packaging are as sustainable as possible. Our beautiful recycled metallic candle vessels are designed to be a stylish addition to your home. The vessels can be cleaned and upcycled, so that you can continue to enjoy the beauty of your vessel long after your candle has finished burning. 



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September 20, 2021 — Sejal Assi

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